Ode to Amsterdam



Here I stand in your clutches, Amsterdam, my enchanting city. Fully embraced by this former beloved, I am once again utterly captivated by your allure. With deep pangs of love for your essence, my heart aches with overwhelming joy. Amsterdam you are my kindred spirit, my soulmate, my true love. You encouraged me to discover my Self when I was young and lost in the world.  You nurtured my deepest being throughout the many stages of my life.  As I stand here along your Amstel waters, held so closely in your grasp, I am falling in love with you all over again.  I slip into memories of a time past. In this very moment, I am both nostalgic and yearning for more of you, whilst I am swept up once again by you. A reverent silence overcomes me.

Years may have passed since we coincided, yet it feels like just yesterday.  As I stroll through your familiar neighborhoods, I desperately try to inhale every bit of Dutch that surrounds me. Sweet aromas ripple in the wind, as foreign words waft through the air – bicycles abound along your endearing cobblestone streets. The tram speeds past as the taxi drivers flash by. Koffie verkeerd, Blof, en pannekoeken. Around every corner hides your lovely gems to be discovered. I am awestruck by your history, your architecture, your canals, and your art. My soul once again weeps at your bountiful beauty.  If I could just walk every inch of you, taste your every culinary delight, run my hands over each strand of fabric glistening in your store fronts, then maybe I can truly embrace you in every sensory way possible so that we may maintain this intimacy for always. And maybe this time I can keep possession of this great love forever. Amsterdam you remain the great muse of my life.

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