Visions for the New Year

The ritual of creating a vision board for the new year remains close to my heart. I always feel perplexed by the glaring empty white board at the onset, wondering how in the world I will manage to create something different, innovative, and new. I think that I can’t possibly still be doing this same activity with the same level of enthusiasm and creativity that I began with several years ago.

Once I get that nagging, negative feedback loop to hush, I find myself immersed in the selection process, turning each magazine page with more interest of finding that next great image or verse. The mound of randomness somehow quickly unravels itself into a thoughtful, albeit unconsciously made, story of truth.

This year the theme seems to be about moving from the ordered garden and into the free spirit space. “It’s your chance embrace it.” There is a mysterious mix of beasts blended amidst the human characters. One woman is leading a rhino/zebra who is carrying her baggage, “All journeys begin with the first step.”  A young crowned woman levitates above a lovely art studio space holding her paintbrush scepter, “…own the throne.” The artist focus includes all the five senses – a hand gestures towards feeling, a mouth is symbolic of taste, and a flower nose graces the head of a naive girl – all of which reminds me to enlist all parts of my being while striving towards my goals.  “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined. Henry David Thorough”  The lion headed woman stands along the multi-colored stairway alongside a tame pussy cat, “Every step you take brings you closer to your dreams.” Meanwhile, a garden fairy embraces a jar of magic in the upper corner, showing gratitude for the childhood innocence and empowerment of self flight. This key unlocks so many doors.

Once again I am reminded of the power of this process. The vision board really speaks volumes to me as I journey out into the new year.

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