New Bestie

Fear is a tameless beast lurking amidst the shadows of my soul. Each day I wake up with a renewed commitment to be my genuine courageous self.  And each day I am faced with strife alongside this intimidating beast. The battle is an ongoing toxic assault on me, hitting multiple fronts simultaneously. I am a well-traveled, multi-lingual, educated woman whose successful career speaks volumes and yet as I face this new stage in my life, I am scared.  I am filled with doubt, second guessing every single step, while taking notice of all faults.  Fear seems to be my new best friend.

I am the artist who aspires to become a part of the larger whole. I am the woman who desires a new venue for expression.  I am the young girl who seeks acceptance in my community of creatives.  I am the giver who wishes to be part of positive change in the world. I am the learner who aims to gain new knowledge every day. I am the teacher who relishes in helping others. I am the mother who needs to feel needed.

At our core, aren’t we all afraid at some point in our lives?  I am reminded that it’s when we face our fears and take the leap into the great unknown, we are offered the opportunities of growth, confidence, and happiness.  We get to discover new parts of ourselves and nurture the muted facets of our individual selves.  Fear is my friend.

I will learn from you fear. I will delve deeper than before and continue to place another step out into the universe.  I will open my heart and my mind to new experiences as my path is revealed.  I will incorporate courage and trust into my daily life while I nurture you, fear.  Together we will move forward and take this new adventure to greater levels. Fear, I welcome you to ride in the backseat, share all of your great wisdom, but mind you, respect in not an option.  Fear, you are indeed my new bestie.


  1. Lesa Vander Bie

    So well said. We all experience fear. It’s all about what we’ll do when it shows up. Nurturing and making friends with it resonates. I think of it, at times, as the scared child in me. How would I respond to her knowing she is on this journey with me? She needs my courage, strength, reassurance I have resources to comfort and aid us, and God. We have access to our best friend at all times. May you soar to new heights as your friend, Fear, rides comfortably in the back seat. ❤️

  2. Jon B.

    Very provocative and personal. I was struck by the term “new best friend” – I like that you are befriending your fears and harnessing them for your journey. I’m wondering though how “new” they really are – one way of viewing fear is that it’s a continuous thread from birth to death. It takes different forms at different stages in your life, but at any point, when you face your fear, you are facing a thread that reaches back into the mists of the past.

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