Bag Lady

I am the woman whose journey expands beyond these borders. Amidst this mountain of baggage, I stand overwhelmed, exhausted, and confused. I grasp hold of my courage, pull it up close to my chin; like a warm blanket, it comforts me during this crossroads of confusion.

I am the woman who carries around the extra weight of several loads, each bag is of different size and shape, representing the various experiences, the trials and tribulations of my life. While I look forward, determined to move ahead, I continue to feel the burden of this extra load, the weight careening across my back, holding me here in this desert.

I am the woman who is held hostage by her own baggage. With every step forward, I find myself tumbling back to places that I’ve been. Each memory welded deeply inside the cavity of my soul.  With great determination, I ponder the foreign lands that are yet to be discovered.

I am the woman who will break free of this wearisome load to once again become the free spirit that I was meant to be.

Picture: Louis Vuitton “The Spirit of Travel”



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