My artist journey began in my youth. As a lost teenager, I stumbled upon some random art supplies. I spent countless hours writing poetry and short stories, but no words could embody the ideas that manifested in my dream world. When I took to drawing, I found visual expression the most meaningful pathway for my inner voice. I travelled to foreign countries in search of myself, and higher meaning, finding inner parallels in all I saw, from the desperate poverty of Nepal to the calm, loving beauty of the Netherlands. Infused with these experiences, I ultimately returned to my home to my great love, the majestic Sierra Nevada of Northern California.  I find my experiences as a development worker in Nepal, a non-profit organization manager in Europe, a Montessori elementary teacher, as well as, a mother to my special needs child, within a blended family, have all enriched both my inner life and my art. I currently reside amidst the lulling ocean and the restorative mountain setting of Santa Cruz together with my partner, three children and my adoring teacup Pomeranian.

Wendy Bio picIn my work, I use mixed media techniques and a variety of materials including: acrylics, watercolors, inks, charcoal, pastels, colored pencils, wax, collage, and any other alluring supplies that I can find. I began my journey in art exclusively with pastels, engaging in mostly life drawing.  However, my explorations have taken me across many a Rubicon, ranging from textiles to jewelry making and encaustics.  I am drawn to expressive, moody descriptions with deep colors and messy lines that grab me at my heart level.  At the same time, I love creating the more whimsical, light-hearted pieces, which capture that fun-loving spirit.

My passion is to lose all sense of time in my creative space and unearth new explorations in whatever challenging form they take.  It’s amazing to be immersed in a creative flow, totally engaged in the process, which is at times tranquil and meditative, or can be abrasive and cathartic, filled with struggle and frustration.  The journey is always intriguing because the destination is always unknown.  Along the way, I am learning to trust, to be bold, and to just let go.  I am learning to step out of my own way in order to allow the unfolding of the mystery.  I hope that people can find themselves in their own journey through my work, enjoy the whimsy, and perhaps discover their own personal truths.